Must-Have Toys For Temperature Play (Guest Article for

Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog – Your Go-To Guide For Better Sex At Uni – is a blog you will know I regularly contribute to if you are a frequent reader of my blog. In this particular article, whilst I of course aim to inform on the general topic of temperature play and the options there are to do with it, I have also picked out a few actual product suggestions to get the ball rolling for you! Continue reading

Why Everyone Should Own A Realistic Dildo (Guest Article for Lovehoney)

For my April contribution to Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog – “Sex & Relationship Advice For Students, By Students” – I wrote this article explaining why realistic dildos are awesome for EVERYBODY. If you love sex toys, only have a couple or are just considering introducing them into your life, the realistic dildo is one of the most varied, versatile and satisfying of all sex toys and I do believe there is one out there to suit everybody. Continue reading

Five Signs You Shouldn’t Go Home With Them Tonight (Guest Article for Lovehoney)

Another month, another article written for Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog, a blog whose purpose is “Sex & Relationship Advice For Students, By Students”. This article I feel is one that fits that ethos perfectly! Being at university is an unusual, yet wonderful, time where hormones are rife, many people are in close proximity and a lot of alcohol is involved, with the biggest population of like-minded people in that respect you’ll probably ever be in such constant, frequent, close contact with. All these factors combined makes for continual opportunities to get intimately-acquainted with fellow students should you so wish that night. Continue reading