REVIEW: Pasante Extra Safe Condoms

I received a couple of these condoms for free alongside a few other varieties. I do enjoy testing out the different types, as usually you can’t go massively wrong with condoms. However, I hate to say this was one of those times where the product just wasn’t for us.

pasante extra safe 1

It went on pretty easily – not as effortlessly as most other condoms we have used, but still, this aspect of the condom was fine. For me personally, there was not enough lube on it. I have over time learned to tell via my body responses whether any slight friction is me or the condom. In this case, it was the latter and it did hinder his ability to go further inside me. I know we could add lube manually, but it feels like a chore, as I’m so used to just a ‘slide in and go’.

Unfortunately, a massive issue for us was that the latex (so don’t use if you have a latex allergy, duh!) is a little too thick (it is supposedly double the thickness of regular condoms). It caused him to lose most feeling and, in turn, lose most of his hardness. My partner is by no means one of those idiots who complains about having to wear a condom, but for the first time ever he said he couldn’t feel anything with it on, and he removed it in frustration after about three minutes and changed to a different variety. Instantly, we could see and feel an improvement once we had got rid of the extra safe condom.

I understand for some people their motto is “safety first”, but I know I would much prefer sex of the thrilling, uninterrupted and just “safe” type, as opposed to mediocre and stop-start with the minuscule bonus of being “extra safe”.

I did wonder if I just got a bad one in comparison to other reviews I have read, which were complimentary, but I think it’s only fair I wrote exactly how it performed in my experience… rubbish.

Overall Rating: 4/10

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