REVIEW: Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

I bought this as my first butt plug in the 3 for £10 deal on and it was well worth it. This is specifically made for beginners, with a tapered shape and around 4 inches of length. I bought this around a year ago, so I have tried a few more butt plugs since this. I stand by this being a fabulous item, even after expanding my butt plug collection!

buddy butt plug 1

This is made out of skin safe rubber (a porous material – read my disclaimer regarding those here), so be aware that this is a material with a high potential to harbour bacteria. I use a condom over the top of it during use, so hopefully it will last a little longer before I have to replace it. The plug is flexible and squidgier than I imagined it would be, but is still rigid, so maintains its shape inside you. I’m glad it is this way, since you get the feeling of fullness without any insertion issues. I only used 1-2 small pumps of lube without any hassle or pain of any kind. I was expecting some sort of bother for my first time (using a butt plug… I have had anal sex before, but it was a long time ago), but it went in so smoothly.

buddy butt plug 3

I have found during masturbation that the base is a great size – big enough to feel safe, with enough surface area to grip to push it in and out of you, but also small enough to sit neatly under your bum. It sits so snugly that when walking round, you forget it’s actually still in there! The base can also work as a suction cup, but it is so tiny that it is not a particularly useful bonus.

buddy butt plug 2

I love the purple colour since it’s a bit funkier than plain black. It also looks different shades in different lights. The smell was strongly noticeable when opened. However, you get used to it pretty quickly and in an anal toy it’s not really that much of a deal-breaker to me anyway.

I highly recommend to anyone who likes a comfortable feeling of fullness without any hassle, or to new anal triers who don’t want to be intimidated.

(This has an RRP of £6.99, so I would advise buying in the 3 for £10 deal on Lovehoney for maximum value for money.)

Overall Rating: 9/10

10 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

    1. I know right, best website I’ve ever used, for sex items, and just in general! Have you looked into the testers scheme on there? I highly recommend 🙂


    1. Thank you very much! 🙂
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    1. Hello Hora,
      I have recently got rid of this toy after owning for a few years now, so don’t have it to hand to measure myself, but looking on the Lovehoney website, it lists the circumference as 3 inches, which will be the plug at its widest insertable part i.e. the bit where it goes widest, but then goes thinner, then goes to the base. To put this in perspective, the widest insertable point has a diameter of just under an inch. The top point is absolutely tiny, probably as thick as my little finger… My index and middle finger together probably mimic the size of the entire plug… if you are a beginner, don’t worry, insertion should honestly be an absolute breeze.
      Hope this helped! 🙂


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