Equalling the “Partner Orgasm” Record

My partner has today equalled our record of giving me 6 orgasms in a day! It could have even been more if we’d got down to it earlier/had more time. I love being a woman and being able to have so many orgasms, one after the other. Granted, my body does not work that co-operatively all the time, but then again whose does?

I still think I respond pretty well, I tend to average 2 or 3 over a day when I see my partner. Today’s were 2 oral orgasms (1 face-sitting, 1 on my back) and 4 internal/g-spot/blended ones. I had 1 oral one in our first session and the other 5 in our second session. I love to see him wanting to give me orgasms, it puts me at such ease.

I remember once when my boyfriend pointed out that you hear so much about how women are unsatisfied, and fake orgasms, and men are all selfish in the bedroom. We beg to differ. We try to keep it relatively equal, but honestly, over time, the balance is definitely tipped in my favour.

However, my body is a little bit iffy about oral sex. Before I had my first g-spot orgasm, I always responded to oral sex very well. Nowadays, although I can still orgasm during oral, it seems to be trickier to do. I actually think my clit has got more sensitive. The problem seems to be that it is sometimes a bit too overwhelming. I tense up and then have nowhere to tip over into; my legs get more achy and crampy than they used to; I even once had trouble breathing and had to stop. I have no idea if there is any medical knowledge to explain this, but there has been a definite change since that first g-spot orgasm.

I think I am getting a little more back to normal now, since we have discovered that having a finger inside helps. It’s strange, you’d think having a finger in would tense me up more, but it actually seems to relax me enough to fall into the orgasm. Today I had an oral orgasm on my back – I can’t remember the last time my body decided it would be willing to allow that!

I still feel all hazy/blissful half an hour later. It feels so wonderful :3 I can’t wait for our next time together… let’s see if he wants to break the record, not just equal it next time…

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