BREAKING the “Partner Orgasm” Record (feat. 1st Simultaneous Orgasm)

*UPDATE: Partner Orgasm Record now stands at 8*

(These events were on 1st December, I just didn’t have time to write the post)

Well, a mere few days after I wrote a post about how amazed I was that we had managed to equal the number of orgasms I was given in a day, we have now broken that record!

SEVEN orgasms!

All in one session (it’s also the record for most in one session too – it was previously five).

Two in 69 oral, FIVE internal/g-spot.

Oh my goodness, it felt so good. I always get really hazy/blissful after an orgasm and a bit jelly-legged. After a couple, I get very jelly-legged and feel kinda out of it and am very much in the moment of enjoying my bliss. Honestly, I suspect if I ever got high, it would be a pretty similar experience.

Now, imagine what I was like after SEVEN. I was having trouble standing. All my movements were slooooooooooow. My voice turned higher and visibly giggly and out of it. And it was AMAZING. I don’t think I have ever felt more blissful and able to truly let go of most thoughts and be quite so focussed on enjoying a moment.

I do believe it might be a bit of task to now go and beat this record, though. I felt like this was pushing my body to the limit! I told him as much too. I think he was quite proud about it ;).

To make the experience even more amazing, we experienced our FIRST EVER SIMULTANEOUS ORGASM.

I used to have a post up on here about one time we were 30 seconds off a simultaneous orgasm. That time, he came just as I was about to come, and then I lost it. If it had gone on for 30 extra seconds, I would have come and timed it perfectly. Wasn’t a bad attempt though!

This time, orgasm no. 7 was simultaneous and it was fabulous! It felt so good kissing him and knowing we were both experiencing such pleasure together.

I highly recommend that if you haven’t had more than a couple of orgasms in one session that you try to make a new record. Don’t be afraid of spending time exploring and pushing your (or your partner’s) body’s boundaries. Even if you feel after one or two like you should stop, maybe try to keep going. It’s surprising how quickly they start happening after each other the more you have, and how addictive they can be! *This is aimed more towards women, since men tend to actually need a recharge time, but of course pushing the boundaries can still be tried with males too 🙂

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