Concrete Can Bruise!

Just a warning to all you people who like being sexy in public places, specifically concrete ones: try not to bruise yourself!

On Thursday night, me and my boyfriend got a bit drunk at a party and obviously couldn’t hold the urge to ravish each other, so proceeded to find this area that was concrete and over-looking a river and I think was the back of a boarded-up shut-down club or something.

We got down to it, some kissing, a blowjob, some spanking and then it got to the point where we wanted to fuck. So he sat down, I straddled him in cowgirl and we both managed to orgasm (rather loudly on my part!).

When I was straddling him, I could tell there was a bit of pain in my knees, but I just ignored it, because frankly I could have ignored having half my skin scraped off my knees I was that horny!

Anyway, the next day, oh my goodness! The bruises I now have are insane! I mean they are so worth it, but they are HUGE. And actually hurt. These photos are actually 3 days later (in different lightings):

Just sending out the warning that outdoor/public/drunk sex is fun, but be careful on concrete!

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