REVIEW: Durex Play Feel Lube

Durex is a trusted brand and this product shows where that faith has come from. (Note: I do believe the packaging has changed since I bought my bottle.)

play feel 1This lube is water-based. It is non-sticky and really helps to
make things glide along smoothly. It is also okay to wipe off any excess on your hands to kind of wherever (like your belly or something) since it doesn’t leave any gloopiness or tackiness and there is no smell at all.

I have used this for anal and toys, and let’s just say it took a lot less time to be properly inserting things up there than with another unnamed famous brand’s offering.

I also really like the bottle. It is so well-designed! The twisty nozzle never gets stuck or clogged and can easily be turned back closed even with slightly lube-y hands. Mine is currently rolled on its side in my little sex box, but I know it’s secure enough to.

Top Tip: don’t unwrap the plastic label from the screw part of the lid – it makes it harder to twist the pump if you hold the bottle around its shaft, since it twizzles round in your hand instead of twisting the pump.

You can buy this lube basically anywhere, which is a bonus. I bought mine from Tesco, which meant I could use the self-serve without anyone nosying at my purchase (although I know it is only lube, and nothing to be embarrassed about, but I know I look younger than my age, so I prefer buying without judgement).

Highly recommended product from a well-loved brand!

Overall Rating: 9/10

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Durex Play Feel Lube

    1. Ooooo did you have a bad experience? 😦 Wait, have you written a post about it before, I think I vaguely remember something you once wrote about an experience that hurt

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