New Orgasm Location: On The Train

Yep, another place I have managed to climax in. I love the thrill of orgasming (or at least getting down to some naughty fun) in a new place. It makes me feel like I now have some sort of ownership over the place, or like I have made my secret mark. I don’t know why it makes me feel like this, or why I care so much, since location doesn’t actually matter, but I get great satisfaction from sexually conquering new surroundings.

On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend and I decided to have a day out. We got the train to our chosen city, looking cute decked out in a reindeer jumper for me, and a woolly hat with a pom-pom on for him. We had Mexican food for dinner and went to watch a film in the cinema (I experienced an orgasm in there too, but I have conquered a cinema before, albeit a different one). Finally, we wandered for a while and then had a cocktail before heading home.

The train journey home was where the action really took place. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, even before boarding. We were kissing without a care, his hands moving around my body, squeezing, whilst he said we were never going to see the people around us again, so what did it matter?

We boarded the train, getting a table seat, in a carriage that literally had like two other people in it. We continued kissing, deeply, pulling each other close. His hands were wandering, going up my jumper, down my bottoms. Then the coat “blanket” came out. That’s the sign that handsy pleasure will be occurring!

We alternated between giving each other manual pleasure, being pretty obvious about what was occurring if anyone actually looked. It felt so good, he was hitting all the perfect spots. I looked up at one point and there looked to be a camera on the ceiling overhead. I knew it was risky, probably being caught on camera, but I was too far gone, it felt too good to stop.

Still giving me pleasure, we started talking about a fantasy. Of what we would love to do on that very train if we could be alone and not have a camera. How I would be bent over that table on that train, taking it hard. How I could turn the other way to give a blowjob with my behind facing out the window. How we would pass by the stations on the journey, and people on the platform would see us for a brief second, maybe lock eyes with a few of them.

Safe to say through imagining this, alongside the physical actions I was receiving, I was close to climax, and with slight help from my own hand, just for that tiny bit extra push, I came hard. It was exhilarating.

After that, the passion still didn’t let up. I gave manual stimulation to my partner under our make shift blanket until our journey was complete. I couldn’t give any oral, a couple more people had got onto the carriage at this point, and with the proximity of the camera, there is obvious, and then there is OBVIOUS. One of his comments later was that ‘I could have given him a blowjob, I chose not to’ (not in a pressurising way, in a suggestive, winky-face way!). I agreed I could have done, and it would have been the last blowjob he would be receiving from me for a couple of years whilst I served my time in prison for public indecency lol.

I seem to always get two orgasms minimum whenever I see him, and once again, two orgasms in that day. You know what his text to me later on was, referencing my double orgasm haul, whilst I had not managed to give him any?

“Just saying… 2-0 haha”

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