REVIEW: Pasante Ribs & Dots Condoms

(I sadly don’t have any photos of them to upload – if I get any more, I will update this post)

I received these condoms for free from a sexual health clinic- Pasante are the most commonly given out brand, which to me says they are a solid and reliable, if not perhaps a bit boring, brand. Still, I welcomed the chance to use these, since at the time, they were the first ribbed or dotted condoms I had used. They are made of latex.

When opened, the condoms were pretty much the same as your average condom, but you could feel the slight ridges under your fingers when putting it on. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the dotted parts when I held the condom in my fingers, let alone inside my body. The top “head” part was where the ridges were and the shaft featured the dots. They were easy to put on, with little to no smell and not excessive amounts of lube.

I found, once inside me, that the ridges weren’t really very distinct and gave me more of a slightly fuller feeling. It didn’t particularly enhance any sensations, but it did seem to make me feel my boyfriend more when he was going in and out of me hard, since I felt more fullness. I didn’t feel any more likely to reach orgasm with these than normal condoms. My boyfriend didn’t seem to notice anything different either.

To be honest, I think you wouldn’t really be missing much if you just bought plain condoms – they feel similar, so it just depends on how you feel about spending your money. They were okay and I liked using them, but they were nothing spectacular and I’d probably only end up using them again if I got some more free.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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