REVIEW: Nipple Rings with Balls (from

When I bought these, I was excited to delve into my first type of nipple play. Since these were on the 3 for £15 deal at the time on Lovehoney, I thought, ‘What a bargain!’ (their normal RRP is £7.99). However, I am disappointed with this product. In principle, it should work, but in practice it did not for me.

*I do not have any photos of them, as I have since disposed of them, but they basically just look like this… click the link on the word “these” above to see the photo (don’t want to get into any trouble for using photos that aren’t mine!)*


These are unbranded piercing-less nipple rings. They are 1 inch in diameter and the idea is that you open apart the the two ends of the ring (which have little balls on) and then they will clamp onto your nipple, so you will get instant nipple jewellery, whilst also having a satisfying pinch.

When I first put them on, I had to stretch the balls apart to get them on my nipple in the first place. This was fine, I did it quickly, it was initially all good and if anything the pinch was a little intense. However, after using them only twice, the balls became too far apart to cling to my nipple.

I don’t know if it is the material (a lightweight metal – easily manipulated by your fingers), or the design itself, but the ring ends up stretching so much you have to squish it together before using, but each time it gets further apart, and requires more squishing, and now they are basically useless after about 4 uses. Perhaps it was simply my nipples which were the problem – maybe they are not the “right type” for this type of nipple toy. I would consider my nipples to be small (but normal in proportion to my body) and not overly pronounced.

On the positive side, I did enjoy them initially on the first use and I don’t feel too cheated since they were in a deal. 🙂 I decided to move on and try to find some better nipple clamps, this time adjustable, so I had more chance of success…

Overall Rating: 5/10

I just wanted to write a little praise paragraph for the lovely people at, regarding my troubles with this product. I uploaded my review and I believed that to be the end of it. No! A couple of days later, I received an email from them, saying they had read my review and were sad to see that I was unhappy with the item. To make me happier, they were willing to offer an exchange for another item out of the 3 for £15 deal (or a replacement pair if I really wanted)! I did not have to send the nipple rings I already possessed back, and this was without me actually complaining or asking for a refund or anything! With much gratitude, I replied back saying I would like to exchange for a pair of adjustable nipple clamps in the deal instead and, bless them, they even managed to get them shipped out the same day! Awesome customer service, seriously <3.

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