REVIEW: Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case (Small)

I received this case as a free additional item with an order on in their Deal of the Week at the time. Honestly, I can’t even remember how I was storing the few toys I had accumulated up until that point, but I assume it was in a shoebox or something equally nondescript. It hadn’t really crossed my mind where to store my items until I had a few, by which point, woohoo perfect timing, this deal came up!

toy case 1

This is a zip-up case that is designed to store smaller items, such as condoms, lube and small sex toys (for example, bullet vibrators). It comes in sizes small, medium and large, so if you want a case for larger toys, one of the next sizes up is what you should be looking at.

On first observation, the case does seem rather small (even though it is the small size duh). The dimensions are 7 x 5 x 2.75 inches (length x width x depth). However, it has a very effective use of space and can fit a good deal of items inside. There are 3 pockets: a full-side zip pocket, a half-side open pocket and a secret pocket that closes with Velcro. All the pockets are made of mesh material. Behind the half-side pocket (on the other half-side without the pocket), there are elasticated straps to hold things in also. I find these best for either bottles of lubes, or for hanging small butt plugs. In addition to all this, the lining of the case is made of a special anti-bacterial material that is supposed to keep your toys extra hygienic whilst they are being stored in there. I do not know the exact ins-and-outs of this material, but I trust that Lovehoney aren’t lying with the claims :).

toy case 2.5Currently my case is housing three butt plugs (including this), a small set of anal beads and an anal douche (admittedly, the anal douche only just fits, because I can squish it down). As you can see, this is my designated anal box! In the past, all manner of things have fit in there though: bottles of lube; condoms; small ball gag; 5.5 inch vibrator; even a pack of sexy playing cards!

toy case 3
Items inside: a butt plug (in purple pouch), condoms, 5.5 inch vibrator, nipple clamps, a bullet vibe and a g-string

The design is surprisingly attractive-looking… quite classy and not too conspicuous. The actual case material is a smooth plastic: good and sturdy, with a matte black finish and a Lovehoney heart logo embossed into the top. The whole idea is that this case is discreet (be it for storage at home or for taking toys with you during travel) and I believe Lovehoney have succeeded in this aim, providing that whoever is looking at the case doesn’t recognise the Lovehoney heart logo, but then again, if they do recognise it, chances are they have dabbled themselves with a purchase of some form, so have no reason to judge you! Unfortunately, the matte finish does mean that fingerprint marks do persist on the outside surface of the case (if you look closely at my photos, you can probably see some).

The lock is really pretty with the heart-shaped button, I really like how it looks. The actual lock bit that goes through the zips to keep them closed isn’t metal, it more like a wire with some sort of rubber/plastic tubing around it.

toy case 4

It comes with instructions on setting a passcode and so forth, so that process should be fairly straightforward for you. I have thrown the instructions away since then, but if memory serves me right, you basically have to press down a teeny button at the bottom whilst swizzling round your chosen three digits to have as your passcode. Then when this is set, you open the lock by lining up the three said digits and then pressing the silver button to open.

Over time, I have stopped using the lock. There are three main reasons for this: 1) I am lazy and therefore can’t be bothered undoing the lock every time I want to get into the case, 2) I am not massively worried about anyone nosying into my things and 3) the mechanism where the end clicks into the hole in the lock to close it became a bit dodgy… there were times when I tried to reopen the case and I was seriously having to consider attempting to chop the lock off. Thankfully, it always opened, but I can’t be dealing with that faff every time I am horny and WANT my toys haha!

Another slight issue is that the zips tend to stick on the corners when zipping back up sometimes, but this is a minor thing, and it is usually only one zip at a time anyway. I think it is to do with the positioning of the items inside that causes it. A quick squish and jiggle will sort it.

Basically, this case is pretty wonderful and would make me consider buying the medium or large version. The occasional dodginess of the lock is the only reason this didn’t get 10/10.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Praise Paragraph for When I made my order that I received this case with on Deal of the Week, I actually forgot to include this deal at the checkout when I paid. I realised what I’d done before they posted my parcel out, so I emailed Customer Care and explained and asked if they would let me have the deal, even though I had already gone through the checkout process. They would have been well within their rights to say “no, sorry”, but in fact, they immediately (I’m talking in like 10 minutes) replied saying they would add it into my order with no issue or additional charge. That is very impressive and generous service, so thanks very much Lovehoney!

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case (Small)

    1. It is, I never thought about storing my toys until I got a few, but now I take such pride in my growing collection I want them all to be stored in nice things… like this cute box!

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