REVIEW: Alabama Adjustable Tension Nipple Clamps

Praise for I received this product for free from Lovehoney as an alternative replacement for some nipple rings that had become damaged, just because I wrote a bad review, and mentioned that they had become unusable by that point. I didn’t even officially complain, in fact I wrote in the review that I didn’t feel too cheated, because I got them in a deal! They offered me either a replacement pair, or any alternative item from the 3 for £15 deal I had originally got the nipple rings in. I love Lovehoney’s Customer Care so much, the best I have experienced in any industry :). Now, these clamps fared a LOT better than the rings…

Review: The packaging to these nipple clamps is a little smutty as opposed to sexy, featuring a woman wearing the clamps in retro-70s-trashy styling, which kind of cheapened the look of the product (my partner was a bit unimpressed). I don’t have any photos of the packaging unfortunately, but just take my word for it. However, of course, it is the product that counts and I am satisfied with what it delivers.

alabama clamps 1

These are adjustable screw nipple clamps that feature a 13 inch metal connector chain. The idea is that you screw the clamps onto your nipples to increase blood flow and sensitivity. Some people find having their nipples clamped pleasurable, for others it more about the rush of blood that occurs when you actually remove the clamps.

For me personally, I like the actual pinch itself, and if I get too used to the squeeze that the clamps are applying, I simply tighten the clamps that little bit more to keep me on edge. During actual partnered fun, I do enjoy a bit of my nipples being squeezed (just with fingers, never used clamps with a partner), but I also enjoy the release and shower of kisses that then tend to my nipples after each squeeze. When you use nipple clamps solo, you don’t get the shower of loving kisses, so for me it is very much about the actual clamping sensation.

alabama clamps 2Each tip on the actual clamps has a PVC coat on the top for comfort purposes. These clamps are versatile, as the rubber coats can be taken off to reveal clamps which actually feature metal teeth (known as crocodile clamps/clips)! Since I myself am at the beginners’ level of pain and BDSM, I am perfectly fine with keeping the coats on the tips, but just letting you know the option is there all the same.

The screw mechanism on each clamp is very easy to use and goes wide enough to actually be able to fit my nipple in and adjust to the right position (which I found was an issue with the rings). My nipples aren’t large, but they aren’t very defined and erect, at least not before nipple play, so the wide gap these clamps can stretch to ensures that even with my nipples, which aren’t the best shape for nipple clamps in general, can fit in. Despite the obvious ‘oh look, I’m purposely administering a degree of pain to myself’ part, the rubber covering is comfortable, a bonus for us beginners. The PVC coats are sturdy, but a bit too smooth, so the clamps can have a tendency to slide off, even when they feel like they are tightly applied. On really tight settings, you can slightly feel the metal teeth that lie underneath the PVC tip coats (such a thrill… but I have to be in the mood, as I am only at a beginner level that reaches “occasional” and “light” on the S&M scale).alabama clamps 3

Another criticism is that the chain is a bit heavy perhaps and can cause the clamps to fall off if you move too much. This heaviness comes from the chunkiness of the chain, which I feel would look better slightly thinner and more delicate, and with a less plastic-y looking finish. I do have small A Cup boobs, and inconvenient nipples, so I suppose on larger ladies these clamps and chain may look more in proportion. One suggested bonus of the chain is that it gives something substantial to tug on, or to add weights onto, to administer more pain, however I think you’re tempting fate if you do that with these and they’ll just fall off.

I have only used these for solo stimulation and they are a huge turn on. I only use them when lying on my back, such is the unreliability of whether they will stay on or not. When they do stay on, I really enjoy the pinch, and it does trigger some involuntary wetness down below. These would be good to use as a couple, but maybe not during too vigorous sex, maybe just for slow teasing and such.

Overall though, a MASSIVE improvement from the nipple rings and I would recommend, but only for beginners and people who aren’t looking for nipple clamps to use during vigorous activities.

Overall Rating: 7/10

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