REVIEW: Tease by Lovehoney Furry Handcuffs (Red)

Let me start by saying, I am no bondage queen – I fall very firmly into the beginner’s category of the BDSM world. These handcuffs were the first item I bought for restraint purposes. Restraint is very much a fantasy of mine, so I decided a fluffy pair of handcuffs seemed non-intimidating enough for my complete lack of experience. I will admit that we have only used these a handful of times in the past year and a bit, because my partner is not into BDSM at all… he spanks me every time during sexual activity and pinches my nipples, but in terms of restraint, it just doesn’t turn him on. There is no point trying to force someone else enjoy something you would like to try, or are into, if it just really doesn’t turn them on, because that isn’t fair and it just makes the experience awkward knowing that the other person isn’t really feeling it. With that said, bless his heart, he has humoured me on a few occasions and has given it a go, which I really respect, and I have used these cuffs enough times to have formed an opinion on them, through couple’s play and solo play.

red furry 1

There are four different colour options for these handcuffs: red, pink, purple and black. You can also order them without the fur for £1 less. I ordered these handcuffs in red and they came packaged in a nice simple box, nothing too flashy (I have since binned the packaging, so sadly have no photos). Instructions on how to use them were also included, because Lovehoney include a little pamphlet with all their products, detailing how to use the item and little tips. The handcuffs were pretty self-explanatory anyway.

These are a simple pair of metal handcuffs that come with a removable faux fur cover. The two cuffs are connected by a short metal chain that only has three links. The fact this connector has links in makes it easier to use in tandem with other restraint products that, for example, may require carabiner clips or merely something to tie a knot onto that will keep the knot in place.

red furry 2

On first impressions they are very pretty, with nice proper fur as oppose to just itchy fluff. Being on the cheaper end of the scale, I thought they might feel a little irritating, but no, the fur feels super soft on your skin. I do prefer having the fur on personally, as opposed to removed and just having the metal cuffs against your wrists, as the fur feels very comfortable, but slinky at the same time, as fur against your wrists is a very soft type of sensation play and I genuinely enjoy that sensation. As I said though, I am a beginner, so if the look/feel of fur is too tame for you, by all means remove the covers (but maybe you could have just bought them without the fur covers and saved a £1?).

I like that the fur is removable, as it kind of feels like buying 2 products in 1, because you have the option of using the handcuffs with or without the fur – this is an especially good idea for beginners, because you can start out with the fur covers to ensure you’ll be comfortable and eased into the new experience, but when you feel ready, you can remove the covers to bring up the kink a bit. An additional perk of this removable fur is for cleaning purposes: chuck the fur covers in the wash and wipe down the metal cuffs… simple and easy!

red furry 3There are two keys included with this product. Lovehoney stated they included TWO keys “just in case you lose one” on their product page. These keys certainly add to the sexiness of the product, but are just for show and I have never used them. Due to the quick-release mechanism on the side (explained below), it is quicker to just push the lever at the side manually to open the cuffs. I will not criticise these too much, because whilst unnecessary, they do work if you do want to use them, and it is a nice bonus to make the handcuffs feel complete, and like thought has gone into the overall product and experience during use.

red furry 4The quick-release lever consists of a small stuck-out lever that you just press up and it releases the lock that is holding the cuffs closed. If you are wary about being restrained and want to be 100% sure you could get out in an emergency, this mechanism will be a godsend to you. I feel an improvement to this item would be that they are less easy to get out of: I mean this in the sense that, due to having the release lever sticking out at the side, quite often you accidentally press it and release them if you’re moving around. It can hinder the moment when you have to stop to put them back in place and kind of makes the whole point of being “restrained” feel less legitimate. I found this to be more of a problem during couple’s play than solo play, as alone, I tended to use them in more stationary wrist positions, like bent over backing up against a suction-cupped dildo and having my wrists in the handcuffs for fantasy purposes. The risk of premature release from these handcuffs also depended on the position you used them in: with my hands restrained behind my back giving a blowjob, they were secure, but if you’re moving your hands and arms around on the bed too much, at certain angles you have a risk of accidentally pushing up the release lever.

I have read other reviews of this product that claimed that these handcuffs were massive and could fit even ankles in. I beg to differ. As someone with very thin ankles and wrists, I cannot fit them around my ankles. In all honesty, they are a bit too small for my boyfriend’s wrists too, and his wrists aren’t even that large, which is a pity, since it’s not really a toy we can have the full potential to both enjoy equally. If you’re looking for an item to restrain a male partner, I’d recommended something more adjustable, like fabric cuffs with Velcro, buckles, or those which you literally just knot/tie in a bow. You can still buy all these types in varieties that feature soft material against the skin, like this pair of furry 5

Overall, as a BDSM newbie, I am happy with this purchase, but I believe these furry handcuffs are an item that is great for beginners or more vanilla people, but is maybe less suited to anyone above that level. I also wouldn’t recommend if you are looking for an item to restrain a male – there are other, better-suited products for larger male wrists.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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