New Solo Orgasm Record: 14 In A Day

Two nights ago, I bested my previous record of 12 orgasms in a day (all in one session if we’re being specific) and have now managed 14!

I know it is always said that it doesn’t matter how many orgasms you have, just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about it. I do agree with that in general, but I also do love to push myself to see how many I can achieve sometimes, because each one feels even more amazing the more and more I seem to push myself.

After 14, I was exhausted. Like, I was orgasm drunk. If you’ve ever heard the term “cum drunk” before, it was like that, except from me giving myself too many orgasms. I could barely stand! At the end, I was just rolling around putting my stuff away, and periodically just laying there and being still. It felt awesome. I felt hazy, and dreamy, and free… it was almost an out-of-body experience! I could even feel it the next day… yes, my friends, I had an orgasm hangover. It’s hard to explain, but I could feel the exhaustion and a bit of dreaminess still – it is one of those feelings that if you’ve had it, you’ll know what I mean.

I used one toy over a period of about an hour/hour and a half. I skimmed through some porn to get me super aroused (kinda gave up on the porn after around orgasm no.8 though) and went to town thrusting with my toy and playing with my clit. The majority of the orgasms were blended ones, however, I did have a couple of purely clitoral ones and (yay yay yay another achievement!) I had my first g-spot orgasm whilst being bent over! Well, my first intended g-spot orgasm in that position… I have had one like that once before, absolutely months ago, and it was by accident, whilst my dildo was suction-cupped to the side of my bed, and I could never replicate it. But now I have (but this time not suction-cupped, with my own hand manually)!

I have never had a g-spot orgasm solo apart from on my back, and I have never had one apart from in cowgirl with a partner, so I can’t wait to try out the things I have learned with my boyfriend and hopefully I could have my first bent over G-spot orgasm with him!

The technique that worked for me solo was to put two pillows under my knees (as well as one to rest my head on), arch my back, so my vagina was as vertical as possible, and then thrust in and out with my dildo in a swooping motion. The swooping motion was where I pushed the dildo towards the roof of my vagina when inserting it, but then brought it back out along the opposite side of my vagina. The inserting that way obviously managed to hit my g-spot. It is a strange motion when you’re doing it with your hands, because it feels like you’re doing it backwards – it feels like you should be doing the motion in the opposite direction.

I’m definitely going to try the pillows under the knees during partnered sex, because I think our height differences might be one of the reasons why I haven’t had one with him yet – I’m so tiny, I can’t arch my back enough for the right angle to accommodate him, and he is so much taller than me that he can’t stoop low enough to accommodate me. That makes it sound like we have awkward, bad sex – we don’t, we have awesome sex! But you can always improve and push yourself more, and trying to do that doesn’t mean the sex was anything less than great in the first place. When I’m talking about accommodating each other, I mean in regards to nailing my G-spot.

With a partner, I have noticed two things:

  1. I tend to have less orgasms than alone, but I think it is because I actually push myself less. I have one, and then I break off and go and pleasure him, because I’m feeling like “wow, that was awesome, I’m worn out right now”, but alone, I’m like “come on, again, again, push yourself!”… basically, when alone, I treat myself like an endurance trainer XD.
  2. It takes less orgasms with my partner than alone to get the hazy, dreamy, drunk feeling. For example, I had four orgasms with my boyfriend yesterday and I got into that dreamy headspace. Alone, I would probably need at least 7 or 8 to get into that headspace fully. I think that shows the power of intimacy during sex, which makes pleasure (at least for me personally) feel like so much more when sharing with another, than when just alone.

Anyway, sorry for wittering on about not a lot, but basically, if you haven’t had more than one or two orgasms in one session, but feel like maybe you could unlock more, do it, push yourself! After all, even if you don’t unlock any more, you’ll probably have a lot of fun along the way.

2 thoughts on “New Solo Orgasm Record: 14 In A Day

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