REVIEW: Lovehoney Satin Drawstring Toy Bag (Small Purple)

Storage for my sex toys wasn’t something that occurred to me until I started running out of space after buying a few toys. I decided to add this drawstring pouch to my order on Lovehoney, intending it as a place to store a couple of anal toys away from my other items. I cannot sing its praises enough!

purple satin 1

In my photos, it looks a bit more blue-tinged than in real life – the colour is actually a rich and luxuriously sexy shade of violet, with a beautiful sheen. There is a red heart in the right-hand corner, which is Lovehoney’s logo, which could maybe be a bit of a give-away as to what your pouch could hold to those also in-the-know about whose logo it is, but then again, the pouch still looks pretty, so whatever :). There is also a black satin/purple heart colour scheme available.

My photos also have failed to fully capture the quality of this item – the satin is much lovelier in reality (I hate to say I think it comes across a bit cheap in the photo), and its silky-softness is never prone to static or fluff… even the drawstrings are delicately smooth. If we’re being technical, the official material is polyester, but satin sounds so much nicer, right?

purple satin 2
Holding six items of around 4-5 inches in size

The size is actually bigger than I expected. It is currently only holding one small butt plug, but you could fit around 4 or 5 objects of about 7 inches or less, if you just need a space-saver. At one point it was holding four of my butt plugs and some short anal beads in it. For longer/bigger toys, there is another larger size available also on the Lovehoney website.

The bag holds closed well, thus meaning you can have complete confidence that your toys are safe away from dust and will stay in the bag when tucked out of the way. Over time, I’d love to buy a pouch for each and every one of my toys (that don’t already come with a storage bag obviously), instead of the rather un-luxurious current storage of plastic sandwich bags.

I never thought I’d be so ecstatic about a £2.99 drawstring pouch, but I don’t care! This is top quality, fantastic!

Overall Rating: 10/10

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