REVIEW: Pasante Silky TLC Lube

I have acquired sachets of this lube on a few occasions when obtaining free condoms. Pasante is, of course, the most commonly given out brand of condoms at sexual health clinics etc, so I suppose it makes sense that their lube would also be approved (though interestingly enough, I actually got this lube with Durex condoms). I have only had sachets of this lube, but I much prefer pump bottles (or any bottle really) instead of sachets.

pasante silky tlc 3

The packaging is simple: grey, with a feather on the front. Obviously, the feather is referring to the “silky” aspect of this lube. Not to dig too deep into the reasons behind Pasante choosing this packaging, but the fact that this packet is grey is actually a rather clever nod towards the formula of this lube – this is a hybrid lubricant, featuring both water and silicone as its base (so is neither type alone i.e. is neither “black or white”, instead falling in the “grey” area of a mix of the two).

It states on the packet that this is an “opaque lube”. It really is opaque, like completely milk white, with a pearlescent sheen, so gives you the impression it must be really thick and sludgy.  However, appearances are deceiving, as it is runny and, indeed, silky. This lube doesn’t smell of anything and is supposedly pH-balanced, so should hopefully be suitable for those of you with even the most sensitive of skin. I myself have never had any issue with any type of lube, but I know not everyone is as lucky in that aspect as me.

It is non-sticky and feels kind of moisturising on the skin, but it doesn’t fully absorb in, as this is a rather long-lasting lube, obviously because of the added silicone (due to this added silicone, it is not recommended you use this lube with silicone toys, as it could breakdown your toy… I imagine one or two uses probably wouldn’t hurt though 😉 ). One 5ml sachet was way more than enough for one session of playing with my toys, as it didn’t really need reapplying and is quite a cushioning-type lubricant – I imagine a big pump dispenser would last quite a while.

The only drawback is that I tasted it (since it is white and I thought it was cum*) and it tastes vile, so I wouldn’t recommend this be involved in any way with oral sex.
Whilst this lube looks like (admittedly strangely pearlescent) cum, the actual texture is a lot runnier than cum.

Great product overall and I would consider actually purchasing it with my own money.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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