I Have Little Bruises!

OMG guys for the first time I have bruises from spanking!

I’ve had a chilled out day in bed today, just wearing my underwear under the covers, and only by chance when I looked down at a funny angle did I notice that I’ve gained a smattering of little bruises on the area between my hip and my buttocks. I then looked over at the other side of my body and I have a similar smattering there too.


I’ve never had the joy of seeing actual remnants of spanking before. My only previous views were when I spanked myself a few times and looked in the mirror at the immediate red marks I’d given myself. It felt good seeing those red marks, but I couldn’t do it hard enough to give myself any real lasting mark. I don’t really know why this time bruises were left – the force of these spanks didn’t feel really any harder than ones I’ve had before, but then again the guy administering them this time seemed more into it than any other guy before, so maybe somehow that had a part to play, I don’t know.

I feel really happy to see them. Like, I keep looking at them and smiling. I find it really hot and satisfying to see those bruises there. I like having any sort of reminder that sticks around after sexual fun. I have a bit of a lovebite right now too on my neck and I like having it. The only issue with the neck area is that, whilst generally I don’t care if people see, I don’t really want my family to see it, so it’s that toss-up between me finding it hot, but the practical downsides of it being there.

I’m also getting a little more into scratching too. Previously, I didn’t really scratch my sexual partners, but I am going with the flow more nowadays. I have good nails, I shape them and they are extremely handy for scratching and running along skin. I find it so sexy running a nail edge over someone else’s skin, I don’t really know why. I guess I associate it with need and desire and a rough kind of passion. I’ve never had scratch marks left on me, but I think I might have left a couple on a guy recently. He thought they were by me anyway – he didn’t mind, he thought it was quite amusing I think.

So yay, I do like updating you guys on any firsts I have and now I can move “get bruises from being spanked”, which actually WAS on my Bucket List, onto my Achievements List instead. Hopefully it won’t be a first and only ;).

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