I Have A Mild Latex Allergy

Well this came as a surprise! I have been sexually active for around three years and only now have I discovered that I most likely have a latex allergy. I’d read about people with latex allergies before, and know one person in real life who has one, and I thought to myself, “Oh, that must be unfortunate and a tad annoying”. Well, I have now joined the Latex-Free club myself!

I found out around three weeks ago with someone who was my friends-with-benefits at the time. I ended up staying over at his on three different days over the space of a week. On each of those days, we had penetrative sex of some form three times, each time with a latex condom. It was actually after the second time that issues started to show…

The first sign was how much I was tightening up. By that, I mean my pussy swelled up a bit during penetration internally, so that he was struggling to go inside and we needed lube rather a lot. This has always been something that has occurred on occasion throughout my sex life, but only when being fucked super hard and only had occurred in the bent over position before. This time we were in girl on top, and I was super turned on and wet, yet I still tightened. We coped with it via lube, but it was still a little annoying (only on my part, he didn’t mind).

Then afterwards my pussy felt a bit beaten up for a longer time and to more extent than it has previously after sex. I felt kind of itchy down there, in a way where I was in bed at night and I kept shifting around and being just that tad bit uncomfortable. I could tell normally the after-effects of me being ravished weren’t like this.

Finally, I developed a cold. Randomly, I seemed to acquire the day after sex an actual cold with a blocked nose. It took me days to get rid of. At first, I thought this could be hayfever, but my eyes weren’t watering in the way that they do when an extremely rare bout of hayfever creeps up, plus I took a hayfever tablet and it seemed to have minimal effect.

With all these things not quite sitting right, I googled “symptoms of a latex allergy”. This is what instantly came up:

In most cases, latex allergy develops after many previous exposures to latex. Latex allergy symptoms may include hives, itching, stuffy or runny nose. It can cause asthma symptoms of wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Symptoms begin within minutes after exposure to latex containing products.

(Source: acaai.org/allergies/types/skin-allergies/latex-allergy)

The parts I’ve put in bold match what I was experiencing EXACTLY. I was now certain that that was indeed what I was suffering from. Luckily, a few days later, I had my third “sleepover” with my friend to test my theory out.

Before I went to his, I went to my local sexual health clinic to pick up some latex-free condoms and see if I could tell the difference in use. A perk to this is that the brand they had was Skyn, which I hadn’t ever tried before, so was looking forward to trying something new out anyway. Long story short, I am now absolutely certain I have a mild latex allergy. I didn’t tighten up, or have after-effects, or dry up with the latex-free condoms.

I think this allergy is only mild, because if I have sex once with a latex condom, my body seems fine. I think it was the fact I had latex-helped sex six times in the space of like three days, so I had latex inside me for quite a lot of time and the irritation probably built up over that time.

Discovering this latex allergy hasn’t actually hindered me and my sex life as I thought it could do. It hasn’t really made any difference to me. I went to sexual health clinics to pick up condoms anyway, now I just have to ask for latex-free instead. I always brought my own condoms to any event in which there was potential for sex anyway, because then no guy could ever claim to have to go condom-free if he had none, so now I just bring my own latex-free ones exactly the same. I gave away most of my remaining latex condoms to a friend to enjoy, since I am going to just use latex-free from now on. Having a latex allergy sounds a lot more inconvenient than it actually is, which I am incredibly happy about!

***If anything in this post sounds familiar, then please consider going the latex-free route, to see if you can tell any difference. I am no medical professional and have not been officially tested for this allergy, but all signs point to it being correct. That being said, I take no medical responsibility for you and if you have a problem, ask a healthcare professional, don’t just rely on me.***

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