REVIEW: Pasante Delay Condoms

I received these condoms for free alongside a variety of other types from a sexual health service back before my supposed latex allergy was present (and using these I had none of the allergy-related symptoms, so I feel I can offer a fair review). Whenever I get free condoms now, I always make sure these are not included in the batch. I hated them, with my sexual partner at the time hating them even more.


These are latex condoms from a highly trusted brand, Pasante, which are designed to prolong male climax during sex. They work by having a bit of lubricant on the inside tip  which contains an ingredient that causes a slight numbing effect, thus slight desensitisation and delayed climax.

For me, everything was awful about them. The material seemed flimsier and thinner than other normal condoms I’ve ever used before (but didn’t break, thank heavens). There was barely any lube on the outside, and what was there was gone in moments. It is a very rare occasion I need extra lubrication help for condoms, but I used a good 4 pumps in this session, which actually felt rather frustrating given how much of an increase that is from the norm.

The male perspective was that they felt “weird” – in a bad way – and in a way that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. That was before even getting down to any action! Yet more trouble seemed to be had with putting it on, more than any other condom I have ever used (it was strangely tight and basically non-lubed).

I know these condoms are geared towards men who cum very quickly. The male partner in question was probably average in terms of endurance, so didn’t need these as such. However, “delay” seems to mean stopping you cumming by not even letting you get hard in the first place! We had to stop and try to manually harden him up 3 times whilst wearing this dreadful condom as he was hard and then this condom seemed to want to stop that completely, not just “delay” it.

Unfortunately, I only had two of these particular condoms to hand, and we had sex twice, so I have had to endure double horror (okay, maybe not horror, but definitely inconvenience).

I think a quote from the male (who was generally quite agreeable with things like this) sums them up perfectly: ‘They were [swear word] and made what would have been amazing sex into just good sex. Literally 3 out of 10’.

Overall Rating: 3/10

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