REVIEW: Fifty Shades of Grey Carnal Bliss Silicone Anal Beads

I was very lucky to receive these anal beads in exchange for an honest review from Lovehoney. These were my first anal beads, so my viewpoint is a beginner’s one in that respect. I had dabbled with a couple of smaller butt plugs, but never beads, so I was looking forward to seeing what I’d think of them in comparison to my butt plugs.


I didn’t know entirely what the item would be like beforehand, in fact the only thing I knew when I volunteered was that they were small anal beads, there was no photo or anything. Now I know that these are a set of three silicone beads, one smaller one followed by two same-sized larger ones, made for the Fifty Shades of Grey line of sex toys and bondage items (note this is not the only set of anal beads in that line – there is another longer set which are the “Pleasure Intensified” set, as opposed to “Carnal Bliss”).

fsog-anal-beads-1Once arrived in the Fifty Shades of Grey themed box, my first impressions were that they looked rather short in length, which was actually strangely relieving considering this was the first time trying this type of toy. The length (4 inches insertable) and girth (2.75 inches one the thicker beads) are pretty much ideal as a first set of anal beads, because, for me personally, it made me feel a bit safer that they don’t venture too far up inside and it meant I could use these with no preparation from bigger toys.

The silicone these have been crafted from can only be described as gorgeous! I love the smooth feel – it’s like silk in solid form… so soft, so lovely, so seamless! I also very much like that this seems like a sturdy and durable set of anal beads.  I was a tad wary initially, just because of how thin some anal beads go around the bead connections and the handle, so was unsure how strong the handle would be, but I can rest assured that there will be zero chance of the handle ever snapping or splitting. It provides an accurate circumference to fit two or three fingers through snugly, great for a firm tug when removing them. The ‘Fifty Shades’ logo is etched into the handle, so whilst generally these anal beads are a doddle to clean, make sure to clean that logo bit well.

When first using them, I found them kind of hard to insert, because the connections between fsog-anal-beads-3the beads are very flexible, so when I tried to push the bead inside me, it kept escaping from my lubed-up fingers (because, of course, anal play means lube!), and veering off to the side, not actually going inside my hole. I am a newbie at this though, so that might be an issue with anal beads in general, I don’t know (feel free to let me know in the comments below!). When I did get them in, I remember thinking that the spacing is really good between the beads, I could feel myself clench after each one was inserted, with the next bead just waiting patiently at my opening. When each bead went inside me, I really understood what is meant when people describe the anus as a vacuum, they were literally sucked up inside!

As someone who can only really compare to butt plugs, my overall impression is that these beads make quite the impact for such a small, unassuming item. They made me feel gently full, in a different way to a plug, which I find makes a stronger presence. These beads were less noticeable, but made their mark when being pulled out, though I found the sensation of removal more odd than pleasurable if I’m being honest. I felt strangely self-conscious (despite being alone when playing?) about the way they kind of popped back out… it’s hard to describe. With a butt plug, removal is more of a smooth glide, but with the beads it was more of a stretch-back-to-normal-stretch-back-to-normal-kind-of-popping-beads-out experience… which I know probably makes zero sense… I’m sorry!

My personal preference is that I prefer the feel of butt plugs, so in future will probably stick to expanding that collection instead, but objectively speaking, these beads do exactly the job they are meant to and enhance your overall pleasure. These are definitely for beginners to anal play/anal beads (for my first anal beads I don’t think I could have got any better!), as the small size probably wouldn’t fulfill those of you who are more advanced in that area.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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