REVIEW: Lovehoney Kama Sutra Playing Cards

I purchased these cards from Lovehoney as part of their 3 for £10 deal when I made my very first sex toy purchase. My intention when buying them was that I could perhaps involve my partner (at the time) in some way in my dive into this world of sex. I also thought that they could give possible inspiration for new positions, since, although I very strongly enjoyed our sex, we did do mostly the same couple of positions, and there is nothing wrong in trying a bit of variety every once in a while.

These are a full pack of 52 playing cards with an image of a male and female couple in a different sexual position on each one. They are high in quality and have a nice pattern of silver Lovehoney heart logos on the back. These cards feature full nudity apart from obscuring the genitals, but they are not overly explicit and are classily done. These aren’t necessarily the type of cards purely with an image to titillate, as the way the photos have been taken ensure you can see exactly the position both partners would need to take to recreate the image. I am also pleasantly refreshed with the fact they do not censor out the lady’s nipples, but they don’t make her topless-ness the centre piece of the image either – it’s just two naked people smiling and having fun… if you want to make an item with sexual imagery non-cringey/cheesy, this is the way to do it!

kama sutra cards 3

The positions involved are a good selection, some just a little tweak on what you already do and even within the pack itself some are very similar with small differences. Even if your most used position is not in this pack, seeing the variety can definitely inspire you to think about how to change it up in little ways, like the way one of your legs is positioned, or how you are sat. These cards can be used as a tool of inspiration just as much as an explicit set of instructions.

There are a few positions that are a bit more ambitious and I can tell without even trying that I personally would not have the muscle strength or flexibility to achieve them, but everyone is different in their physical abilities, so I can see them being achievable for some. I will say there are a couple that are kind of ridiculous and I think are a bit impossible, for example, “X-Rated” “The Wheelbarrow” and “The Twin Crab”. If you buy these cards, you are welcome to try though! By all means, do let me know if you have managed to conquer these feats of skill!

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Sadly, despite these being very nice cards, we were never really inclined to use them. Rather than have them just sat in my drawer, I decided to exchange them for another item. BUT! This is not because of the cards themselves per se, more that they just didn’t fit into our intentions/plans and I just never felt inclined to get them out and have a look when we started getting down to action. If your intentions are to actively try new positions or would like some jazzy playing cards for a sexy card game or some form of roleplaying, these are certainly recommended!

NOTE: They have rebranded these cards for the “Lovehoney Oh!” range since I bought them a couple of years ago, but from what I can tell they seem to be basically the same product, with a slightly rebranded design of the box and back of cards, with coloured, smaller hearts instead of silver ones.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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