Five Signs You Shouldn’t Go Home With Them Tonight (Guest Article for Lovehoney)

Another month, another article written for Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog, a blog whose purpose is “Sex & Relationship Advice For Students, By Students”. This article I feel is one that fits that ethos perfectly! Being at university is an unusual, yet wonderful, time where hormones are rife, many people are in close proximity and a lot of alcohol is involved, with the biggest population of like-minded people in that respect you’ll probably ever be in such constant, frequent, close contact with. All these factors combined makes for continual opportunities to get intimately-acquainted with fellow students should you so wish that night.

As a student myself, I have had much experience with this, personally and via others’ tales. I am comfortable with these situations and have enough experience that I feel I know how The Game works and I know the potential good and bad consequences. That being said, I do feel some people with less experience may come into this fun, frivolous lifestyle on every Friday night a tad naive. And that’s ok.

To those people who are wanting to learn how to navigate this minefield of lust with a clear head and see the warning signs that could make your little hook-up not worth it, or even regrettable in some way, I’ve tried to condense my Top Tips to look out for, to hopefully increase the chance of a successful end to the night. Please click the link below to read them!

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