Must-Have Toys For Temperature Play (Guest Article for

Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog – Your Go-To Guide For Better Sex At Uni – is a blog you will know I regularly contribute to if you are a frequent reader of my blog. In this particular article, whilst I of course aim to inform on the general topic of temperature play and the options there are to do with it, I have also picked out a few actual product suggestions to get the ball rolling for you!

With it now being summer and the temperature fluctuating from roasting hot to a tad cool (because I am in England after all!), this is the perfect time to match that changing weather and delve into a bit of temperature experimentation. I mean, I love a cuddle, but you do get very warm during the height of summer! What better time to try something out that will keep the heat with your partner, but keep you both cool at the same time? Equally, I have included a couple of toys you can use for solo play if partnered temperature play is either not your thing or unavailable right now.

Please click the link below to find out my Must-Have Toys for Temperature Play!


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