REVIEW: Lovehoney BASICS Anal Douche

When I first started getting into sex toys, I think I went through the standard milestones: first vibrator, first butt plug, lube, first dildo… all things that are obvious buys when starting a collection of this type. As I learnt more about this world and pursued more knowledge, I discovered the less immediately thought-of items like this, that aren’t actual sex toys per se, but are linked to sexual health, more-so than pleasure.

anal douche 7

I don’t believe I have ever had a problem with anal sex before (cleanliness-wise), so at first it never really occurred to me to even consider buying a douche. However, once I bought a couple of butt plugs, the appeal became more apparent, as I began to wonder to myself if it would make the whole experience of anal play feel “better” in some way. After all, we can always strive to have more fun, more pleasure sexually and this was the next avenue I was intrigued to dabble in, so I went ahead and bought myself this!

anal douche 1The packaging very much has the same aesthetic as the other products in Lovehoney’s BASICS range, with a simple box that just says the name of the product and some words of instruction, nothing fancy at all. There is also a booklet of instructions included, which with this particular sexual product is super helpful, since for someone douching for the first time like I was, you want to be assured what you’re doing is correct.

I looked in the box and took out the plastic bag which contained the three parts needed to put the douche together: the bulb, nozzle and third bit that connects the bulb and nozzle. I actually kept this plastic bag to store the douche in. The bulb itself is rubber and the other bits are hard plastic, which makes sense given that the bulb needs to be squeezed, but the nozzle needs to keep its shape inside you.

The red and white colourway may perhaps not be as sleek as more expensive douches, which tend to go for the dark/black look instead, but to be honest I think the light, bright colours are actually better in practice, since it makes it totally easy to see if there is any “residue” which may need cleaning off the douche (as gross as it may sound – but hey, you’re dealing with anal play here, accept the potential results). Also, on the website, Lovehoney claims that the nozzle is meant to be glow-in-the-dark. My nozzle doesn’t appear to have this feature, though I can’t 100% say that claim was there when I actually purchased mine, so who knows whether that is true if you buy one now. Either way, I don’t really mind, since I wouldn’t ever attempt to douche in low-lighting, that is inviting accidents in my opinion.

To begin the process of douching, you must first assemble the parts. This is extremely easy to do: simply push the third connecting part into the bulb and then screw the nozzle into that part and everything is in one piece!

There is a lot of information on the box, in the booklet and online about how to douche. Basically, you fill up the bulb with lukewarm water, put lube on the tip of the nozzle and yourself, and insert the tip into yourself. Generally, it is recommended a light squat positioning over the toilet is the best way of doing this, but if you find something that works better for you, by all means do it. You then squeeze a little bit of the water inside, hold it for several seconds, remove the nozzle and then release the water when you feel the urge to. Do this as many times as it takes for the water to run clear. Make sure to do this process at least one hour before actually having anal sex if that’s your reasoning for doing it.

anal douche 6

I found this process relatively easy after a couple times and it definitely gets easier the more times you do it. I did pick up on a couple of tips that may be helpful to other people trying this out for the first time, though I’m not entirely sure if these tips apply to all anal douches or just this specific one:

  • I found this particular douche to not be 100% watertight. When I squeezed the bulb, a lot of the time some water would come out over the rim of the bulb, meaning I had less water to work with. This bulb is 225ml and I have never needed a full bulb to do a full cleanse anyway, but it is still an observation. TIP: Try to keep the douche completely vertical (not forwards or backwards) to minimise this loss.
  • The nozzle can feel a little sharp when first inserting. Lovehoney seem to have tried made the nozzle a tiny bit tapered around its edge, but it could perhaps do with being even more tapered. TIP: You don’t have to be completely successful straight away. Like with other anal items, you may need a bit to warm-up. When I have douched, the process usually ends up as plenty of lube on the tip and me, attempt to insert a bit, pull out and reapply more lube, try to insert again, pull out and apply more lube, then full insertion tends to work.
  • TIP: Reapply a dab of lube every time you pull the nozzle out and then back in. It isn’t that the nozzle will stretch you, it has a very small circumference and is smaller than a finger so EVERYBODY will be able to get this inside them. It’s just that the anal area can be delicate and anything to make the job extra easy and smooth can only be a bonus.
  • TIP: Try to actively relax your anal muscles when inserting the nozzle. Your mind is a very powerful tool. A relaxed mind will usually result in a relaxed body also.

I have used this for butt plugs and a 6-inch dildo, though not actual anal sex with another human, but this douche seems to do the job effectively within about 3 or 4 squirt-and-releases. I kind of feel like the majority of the time everything would be completely okay without douching, especially since I’ve never actually had a problem regarding anal sex, but it does help if for whatever reason you are worried and need mental relaxation. To be honest, over time I have douched less and less, to the point of it being a very, very rare occasion if I do, purely through laziness, but I have used this douche enough times and owned it long enough to be clear on my opinion of it.

This is my first and only anal douche, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I do believe it is good value and I am very happy I purchased. This is a great item for anyone who engages in any type of anal play ; this offers more than just physical results – it also offers mental reassurance, arguably an even more powerful tool for your sexual satisfaction.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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