The Top Anal Sex Myths: Debunked! (Guest Article for Lovehoney)

I have been writing for Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog: Your Go-To Guide for Better Sex at Uni for around a year now and have had a lot of fun with it. It’s allowed me to flex my creative muscles, whilst also feeling so proud to be able to give something to a company I have so much respect for. However, I must reveal this is my penultimate article for them for the time being. Continue reading

REVIEW: Lovehoney Booty Shaker 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

If I remember rightly, I received this butt plug in exchange for review from the Lovehoney Community Forum, so of course feel very grateful to have had the opportunity. I’m not completely sold on vibrations within butt plugs, but with the opportunity available, plus the remote control aspect being an added bonus, I figured why not have a go? Continue reading

REVIEW: Ice Gem Realistic 16 Inch Double Ended Dildo

I received this item in exchange for an honest review from the lovely people at Lovehoney and had never tried a double-ended dildo before – heck, I still haven’t got around to trying out another one! I acquired this particular toy by responding to a thread on their Community Forum where they were looking for testers, so I put my name down for this product without having a great deal of information actually about the product, but I was game for a surprise… Continue reading

How To Have Outdoor Sex (That Won’t Get You Arrested) (Guest Article for Lovehoney)

I do very much enjoy writing for Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog – Your Go-To Guide for Better Sex at Uni. I got the chance to write an article on a topic that I very much enjoy personally and can offer genuine tips on from experience: how to have outdoor sex safely! I have dabbled in this activity several times in my life and I sincerely hope this piece proves useful if you’re looking for any help with the great outdoors (only in a sex-related context, mind!). Continue reading

REVIEW: YES OB Organic Plant Oil-Based Lubricant

I was very grateful to be chosen in Cara Sutra’s June Round of the Pleasure Panel to be chosen to review this YES OB Organic Plant Oil-Based Lubricant, kindly provided by I don’t believe I had ever tried an oil-based lubricant before (not unless you’re counting the couple of Vaseline attempts… don’t judge okay, I was inexperienced and it was a long time ago), so I was eager to see whether it’d be something worth investing in more. Continue reading

REVIEW: Lovehoney BASICS Anal Douche

When I first started getting into sex toys, I think I went through the standard milestones: first vibrator, first butt plug, lube, first dildo… all things that are obvious buys when starting a collection of this type. As I learnt more about this world and pursued more knowledge, I discovered the less immediately thought-of items like this, that aren’t actual sex toys per se, but are linked to sexual health, more-so than pleasure. Continue reading

Must-Have Toys For Temperature Play (Guest Article for

Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog – Your Go-To Guide For Better Sex At Uni – is a blog you will know I regularly contribute to if you are a frequent reader of my blog. In this particular article, whilst I of course aim to inform on the general topic of temperature play and the options there are to do with it, I have also picked out a few actual product suggestions to get the ball rolling for you! Continue reading