REVIEW: Lovehoney BASICS Anal Douche

When I first started getting into sex toys, I think I went through the standard milestones: first vibrator, first butt plug, lube, first dildo… all things that are obvious buys when starting a collection of this type. As I learnt more about this world and pursued more knowledge, I discovered the less immediately thought-of items like this, that aren’t actual sex toys per se, but are linked to sexual health, more-so than pleasure. Continue reading

Must-Have Toys For Temperature Play (Guest Article for

Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog – Your Go-To Guide For Better Sex At Uni – is a blog you will know I regularly contribute to if you are a frequent reader of my blog. In this particular article, whilst I of course aim to inform on the general topic of temperature play and the options there are to do with it, I have also picked out a few actual product suggestions to get the ball rolling for you! Continue reading

Why Everyone Should Own A Realistic Dildo (Guest Article for Lovehoney)

For my April contribution to Lovehoney’s Oh! Spot Blog – “Sex & Relationship Advice For Students, By Students” – I wrote this article explaining why realistic dildos are awesome for EVERYBODY. If you love sex toys, only have a couple or are just considering introducing them into your life, the realistic dildo is one of the most varied, versatile and satisfying of all sex toys and I do believe there is one out there to suit everybody. Continue reading