Porous Toys Disclaimer


I know it is frowned upon in the sex blogging community to review toys that are made of porous materials. I am aware of this fact, I have had it hammered into me from numerous articles, blogs and online associates that porous materials are harmful, and that it is irresponsible to use or recommend any toy made of these types of materials.

For those of you who don’t know, porous materials are materials such as PVC, jelly rubber, TPR and TPE, which have (relatively large) pores in the material. Bacteria and fungus can then get into the pores and stay there. A wash of the toy will only remove the surface layer of this bacteria, and the remaining amount will breed within the pores of the material, so you cannot fully sanitise these materials. You then are subjecting your body to this bacteria each time you insert these things.

Having given you this summarised background information, I strongly suggest you research more about the subject, to decide if you would like to go down this risky route, or if you would just prefer to skip these toys altogether. I would like to emphasise that is the individual’s decision, and the fact I have reviewed a porous toy does not mean I am responsible if you have a bad experience with a porous toy. In my own personal experience, I have never had an issue with toys made of these materials (though of course in terms of quality I would much prefer to use a non-porous item!).

Ultimately, the sex toy user should be able to choose what they would like to try out, at their own risk. For this reason, I will continue to use some toys that are made of porous materials, AT MY OWN RISK. I fully accept there could be an “I told you so” day, but for now, I will continue.